Dear friends,

The Community Council of Platanistasa corresponding to the modern needs and requirements for the briefing of the public about the history of our community, developing the new technology, through its own web page, gives the occasion to everyone to learn about the village of Platanistasa, one of the most beautiful and graphic villages that is found in the heart of the Pitsilia mountains.

Through our web pages, you will have the occasion to make a tour in the village of Platanistasa, walk across its graphic paved narrow streets, read about the long lasting history and the beauties of the village that during the Franks’ domination period of Cyprus it existed as a space for a rural royal family and in 1474 it was given to Georgios Kontarinis, Count of Giafas.

Also you will see the beautiful churches of the village and especially the church of Timios Stavros of Agiasmati, built in the 15th century according to the hagiographies. Unesco according to the opinion of special scientists included it in the list of the Monuments of World Heritage on 31/12/1985 with number of index 351.

You will be able to admire the unique beauty of its hazel forest and walk at the path of nature that crosses it up to its parks and monuments. You can stop for resting at the square of the village under the shade of the green vine-arbors. Everything will impress you.

Savvas Efstathiou Mentzis
President of Platanistasa
Community Council




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